Road Construction

We put our engineering skills and years of experience to get the exact work done in the minimum possible time.

Onix Structure Private Limited is regarded as a specialist in offering a huge gamut of Road Construction Works. These Road Construction Works are highly appreciated in the industry for their timely execution and efficiency. We offer these services as per the needs of our clients. We offer our services in india.

Roads lay the foundation for a developed economy by facilitating connectivity. In its current phase, the need of the hour for the growth of Indian Economy is facilitation of trade with better connectivity and hence, higher emphasis is laid on our nation's infrastructure. This is particularly true for the roads in the country as they remain the most common mode of transport for the people.

Survey and Investigation

  • Feasibility Study of Road Corridor, Survey Control, Data capture by Modern Technology, Preliminary and Final Location Survey
  • Geotechnical, Material, Pavement and Subgrade Investigations
  • Hydraulic and Hydrological Investigations
  • Traffic and Social Surveys including Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Study, Management and Clearance
  • Turnkey Land Acquisition and Computerization of Land Records

Design Engineering And Detailed Project Report (DPR)

  • Compliance to Standards, Code Practices and QAP
  • Road Geometrics, Intersections, Alignment Plan, Sections
  • Rigid and Flexible Pavement Design
  • Design of Structures, Grade Separators, Drainage
  • Road Furniture and Safety Features
  • Bill of Quantities, Project Costs, Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Environmental Management Plan and Resettlement Action Plan

Construction Supervision

  • Project Supervision and Contract Management
  • Technical Control, Project Monitoring and Inspection Services
  • Quality Control and Certification
  • Technical Audit and Quality Audit Services
  • Independent Engineering, Claims, Reviews and Arbitration

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