Operation and Maintenance

Modernization Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Grid Enhancement o&m

Grid Enhancement O&M

Electric Power Grid Modernization Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

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Solar Power Plant Maintenance

Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant's Operation & Maintenance is one of the most critical ways to ensure that the solar power system gives the best possible generation.

High quality and timely servicing increases the productivity of solar power plants and reduces maintenance and repair costs. Compared to other power generating equipment, PV-stations are simple and unpretentious in maintenance, however, their effectiveness and return on investment depend on how professionally the construction is carried out, subsequent maintenance, and monitoring of the functioning of individual elements of the system. High-quality operation and maintenance (O&M) are one of the main ways to ensure the most highly efficient operation of a solar power plant.

wind power maintenance

Wind Power Plant

We consider the Operation and Maintenance of the Wind Power Plants there are several specific things to consider on.

Technically wind power plants need to withstand electrical and mechanical stresses. So proper operation and maintainers standards are maintained such plants for smooth operation over a longer period. In most modern wind power plants, the controlling applications are performed by computer-related programs. However, the performance of such equipment is monitors on the daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Our on-site O&M teams have deep industry experience with all OEM equipment so that we can develop maintenance schedules that optimize production and equipment availability. We deliver a higher standard of service by tailoring our practices with our customer’s individual goals and objectives.

Substation Maintenance


We have extensive experience with medium (11 KV to 66 KV) and high voltage substations (up to 138 KV).

A well planned electrical substation maintenance assures reliable supply and reduction in failures. Many failures can be detected during the electrical substation maintenance routines, reducing the risk of significant plant downtime, and preventing future problems.

The electrical substation maintenance involves periodic planned inspections, checking, testing and troubleshooting, to ensure the correct operation of all components and their interaction during the plant lifecycle. Typical inspection and diagnosis processes of the electrical substation maintenance includes, among others, transformers, breakers, protection relays, wiring and switchgear in general.

Telecom Maintenance


As the necessity for connectivity continues to increase around the world, the expectations of customers and end-users in modern telecommunication networks are rising; meaning the carrier who can provide the closest to 100% operation and the shortest downtime, will become the preferred network for many consumers.

In fact, recent research commissioned by Oneserve, which surveyed key senior decision makers from UK telecom operators and focused on practices around network service and maintenance, identified that network service downtime has an even greater effect on reputational damage to operators than previously thought.

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