Hybrid Power Plant

Wind and Solar Electricity Systems

The combination of renewable energy sources, wind & solar are used for generating power called as wind solar hybrid system. This system is designed using the solar panels and wind turbines generators for generating electricity.

To better understand the working of solar wind hybrid system, we must know the working of solar energy system and wind energy system. Solar power system can be defined as the system that uses solar energy for power generation with solar panels. The block diagram of solar wind hybrid system is shown in the figure in which the solar panels and wind turbine are used for power generation.

Wind energy is also one of the renewable energy resources that can be used for generating electrical energy with wind turbines coupled with generators.

How Does The Hybrid Solar Wind System Work?

  • Solar wind hybrid systems are needed to generate electricity during the summer and winter seasons.
  • The variation in the intensity of sunlight and wind speed throughout the year does not organically affect the working of hybrid solar wind systems. It can produce power at any time of the year.
  • In a large area, both solar panels and windmills are installed. They are connected to a gigantic battery bank that is further joined to a regulation and conversion unit.
  • The energy produced through windmills and solar panels is stored in the battery, which is later on transferred to the load in the powerhouse for distribution.
  • If the energy is needed urgently, it can be transferred to the generator to produce electricity directly.
  • With technological advancement, ‘stand-alone systems’ have also become popular. They operate only to produce energy stored in batteries or a generator. They are not connected to any of the electricity distribution systems.

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