Canal construction

We put our engineering skills and years of experience to get the exact work done in the minimum possible time.

Onix started off its business as a small irrigation company & years of execution has provided the company with varied experience in this field. The company has the credit of executing one of the top projects in Irrigation sphere of its time which includes Construction of CANAL at Cuddalore

Our Company has more than two decades of experience in construction and development of water and irrigation projects. Under the water and irrigation vertical, we undertakeconstruction of, canals, water supply projects and sewage drainage pipelines. Since inception, company has successfully completed many projects under this vertical of which majority have been completed in a timely manner.

Installation, Erection or Commissioning

  • Installation of Plant & Machinery or structure of pre fabricated in nature or otherwise.
  • Installation of Electrical items and electrical devices
  • Plumbing, Drain Laying
  • Installation for transport of fluids, heat, ventilation, air conditioning and related piping work
  • Ducting Work & sheet metal work
  • Thermal or Sound Insulation
  • Fire or Water Proofing

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