Get Onix Smart Water Heaters for smart you

In the tropical country like India, we are well versed with its changing temperatures & Indian weather conditions. Especially during the times of this critical situation, it has become essential to protect personal hygiene.

Talking about the Indian winters, we love winter season but kudos to the man who has invented water heaters to simplify our lives. Considering the mechanism, well Electric water heaters & Storage water heaters are the preferred ones because it simply allows to pass through a certain electrical resistance heating element.

01 Get all advanced technology and innovative features with Onix water heaters

IOT Empowered water heater which can easily be operated across world, Wi-Fi Enabled water heaters which lets you view, set and schedule at your convenience.

02 Get Heat Retention Technology

Redesigned insulation & tank for retention of heat and reduction of thermal losses. Removal of thermal bridge between tank and external housing reduces heat by up to 16% 360 degree coverage and up to 3cm thick PUF insulation ensures maximum heat retention. We have best prices of water heaters are available.

03 Get environmental friendly water heaters

Our Water geysers have CFC/HCFC Free Insulation that has Low Global warming potential and Zero Ozone depletion potential. This ensures minimum damage to the ozone layer and minimum impact on global warming. We use dry Enamelling process that use less amount of water and generates lesser waste.

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